I have been clay shooting on and off for almost 7 years. The first 4, I struggled because I was studying and couldn’t afford to shoot every week – in fact I was lucky if I could get out once or twice a month! In spite of this I managed to win a place on the Kent Sporting team at age 19 – although I didn’t perform particularly well at the inter counties competitions, it proved that with time and practice, I may actually turn out to be a good shooter.

Due to financial circumstances I had to withdraw from regional and national comps for two years – I just couldn’t afford to travel, buy cartridges regularly, and pay my entry fees. I managed compete at the Beretta Worlds and the Essex Masters, although I was never on my top form because I hadn’t been able to properly train.

In 2015 I started winning local Kent competitions with scores to rival the men, and in 2016 I won a place on the Kent Skeet team and was invited to shoot on the Olympic Trap team as well. At the beginning of October 2016 I attended a British Shooting Talent Identification Day to try Olympic Trap and Olympic Skeet, and was later offered a place on the Talent Pathway to train for Olympic Skeet. Now, I am training for this new discipline and loving my shooting again, and I hope you enjoy following me on my journey!